Meet the dad with 16 wives and 151 kids – and he always wants more – world news – fr

Meet the dad with 16 wives and 151 kids – and he always wants more – world news – fr

A man who has 151 children and who sleeps with four of his 16 wives a night wants more offspring as part of a 38-year-old “polygamy project”.
Insatiable Misheck Nyandoro says his full-time job satisfies his 16 wives.

Despite being 66, he complained that he had to continue marrying younger women because his older wives couldn’t keep up with his alarming rate, local newspaper The Herald reports.

In addition to being born just under 14 complete football teams representing children, Mishek enjoys a life of luxury thanks to his children, who, he says, give him gifts and money, while his wives cook, clean and meet all his wishes.

The father of 151 children has no plans to slow down and is now preparing to marry his 17th wife.

Happy family lives together in Zimbabwe

Mishek says that if he could do it, he would take 100 wives and have 1,000 children.

The retired Zimbabwe veteran says he “doesn’t work” because his full-time job “satisfies his wives”.

He said, “What I’m doing here is finishing my project. A polygamy project that I started in 1983 and that I do not intend to stop until death takes me.

“I am currently preparing my 17th wedding with the ceremony scheduled for this winter. “

The 66-year-old says he doesn’t feel the financial burden of having more than 150 children and says he has in fact benefited from his giant family.

He said, “My children spoil me. I constantly receive gifts and money from them and my step-sons.

Misheck says his children give him gifts

“Each of my wives cooks for me every day, but the rule is that I only eat delicious food, anything that I find below the norm is thrown away.

“They know the rules. They promised not to get mad when I send their food back to them. Anything that gets returned has to be a lesson that helps them improve. “

In terms of sleeping, Nyandoro has designed a schedule that allows him to “satisfy” at least four of his wives per night.

He explained, “I go to the rooms that I have on my schedule. I then satisfy my wife and walk into the next room. It’s my job. I have no other job. “

He added, “I change my behavior in the bedroom depending on the age of each of my wives. I do not act in the same way with young people as with older ones. “

He also complained that his older wives were saying, “They are not always interested in having sex. “

He claims that all of his wives are extremely happy with their lives, but in the future he plans to marry younger women due to their higher libido.


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