McLaren Elva now offered with windshield for 2021 –

McLaren Elva now offered with windshield for 2021 – fr

To protect occupants from the elements, McLaren has developed an Active Air Management System (AAMS). Automatically activated at high speed, it guides air through a large inlet in the separator at the front of the Elva’s distinctive low nose and out of a cabin front shell. As a result, the air is channeled up and over the occupants to create a “bubble” of calm. A small carbon fiber deflector rises from the front of the hood when the AAMS is active to direct air, which is deflected through a number of carbon fiber vanes through the hood.

When not active at low speed, the airflow is diverted to two low temperature radiators to increase their efficiency. McLaren claims that radiators increase engine power by cooling the oil in the seven-speed transmission. The company says AAMS technology means helmets aren’t needed but can be worn if desired, while a fixed windshield will be offered as a factory option.

In addition to the open front, McLaren made the cabin as open as possible to the elements with low sides and minimizing the size of the rear double buttresses through the use of a self-deploying rollover protection system.

The car has a number of features designed to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, including air intakes on the rear buttresses and an active rear spoiler. The latter works in conjunction with an extreme rear diffuser, which features vertical fences designed to accelerate air out of the Elva’s flat ground.

McLaren’s traditional V8 engine has been tweaked to improve power with a redesigned exhaust system, while the car’s chassis has been optimized to “maximize agility and driver engagement and feedback,” with a electro-hydraulic steering and software settings and unique springs.

McLaren has yet to quote a weight for the car, but says that in addition to the open-top design, it has been minimized where possible through the heavy use of carbon fiber. The front shell is 1.2mm thick and is formed from a one-piece panel, while the large side panels are also unique pieces. The small butterfly doors are also made of carbon fiber, mounted via a single hinge.


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