McIlroy has ‘a way to do it all’ after PGA flop – fr

McIlroy has ‘a way to do it all’ after PGA flop – fr

Kiawah Island (United States) (AFP)

Four-time major winner Rory McIlroy struggled to finish the PGA Championship on Sunday, saying his entire game needed work after failing to beat par once at Kiawah Island.

The 32-year-old Northern Ireland star won the 2012 PGA at Kiawah and broke an 18-month drought two weeks ago at Quail Hollow, but has never regained his form on the Ocean Course this time around , shooting a par 72 on Sunday to finish on five plus 293.

“I still have a ways to go with everything,” said McIlroy. “It was a good test this week to see where I was and I still have some way to go. “

McIlroy said he knew his victory nine years ago wouldn’t mean much this week despite high expectations for him following his recent triumph on the US PGA Tour.

“I felt like I was coming here, there were still parts of my game that I needed to sharpen,” he said. “These pieces have been exposed this week to the wind and on a difficult course. “

The world number seven, who will play at the Memorial in two weeks as a tuneup for the US Open, said he was frustrated with the windy coastline with his driving, putting and poor result on par holes. -5 reviews.

“The par-5s were a killer,” McIlroy said. “I did six bogeys on par 5 the first two days. Especially on a par 72, these are the holes that need to be birdied.

“Even walking there with pars is a bummer, so going there with bogeys is obviously even worse.

“I really got behind the 8-ball with that. “

McIlroy said his issues fall under “trust and freedom” and involve faith in his choices,

“I actually felt like I made it the first couple of days and then just over the weekend I started missing a few,” he said. “I started to over-read them a bit and questioned my reading, a little indecision crept in.

When asked if his handling issues were with the swing or the equipment, McIlroy replied, “A bit of both. “

“I just need to find a driver too,” he said. “I just haven’t driven the ball as well as I’ve known in a long time, and that’s really the foundation of my game. Once I drive it well, everything becomes so much easier.

“I probably haven’t flown the ball like me since 2019, so I have to understand that. “

He could not fix the problems, even under easier scoring conditions on Sunday on the windy coastal course.

“More of the same, very average, sort of can’t really do anything,” McIlroy said. “The first few holes were playing a lot easier than they did… just kind of stuck in neutral. “


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