Mayor vows action after rogue golfers are spotted on city-run course – fr

Mayor vows action after rogue golfers are spotted on city-run course – fr

LONDON, ONT. – City of London golf courses remain closed due to a provincial order, but a few rogue golfers have been spotted ignoring the rules.

At around 4:45 p.m. Sunday, CTV News London saw golfers playing a round at Fanshawe Golf Course, which is currently not open.

Over the weekend, up to 20 players were reported at a time on the course, but CTV cameras only captured three on Sunday.

The course remains closed, but there are no measures to prevent members of the public from walking.

London Mayor Ed Holder said on Monday: “Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at all times, but we have security on site and we are working with a bylaw regarding the application. “

Golf remains a topical issue locally and across Ontario, as many people say the courses should have been allowed to stay open during the last stay-at-home order.

But Holder says taking shortcuts like this won’t help end the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I find this particular activity to be disrespectful ignorant behavior. No one is above the law and these people know they are breaking the law. – I hope they will get the maximum fine to make their point. “

In Tillsonburg, Ont. one golf course openly defied Ontario’s Reopening Act and remained open, resulting in costs for owners as well as some players.

Police say at least 10 golfers were ticketed Saturday at Bridges at Tillsonburg golf course.


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