Mayor of New York: Public schools will all be in person this fall

Mayor of New York: Public schools will all be in person this fall

Schools in New York City will all be in person this fall with no distance option, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday.

“We can’t have a full recovery without full schools, everyone is back, sitting in these classrooms, the kids are learning again,” de Blasio said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The roughly 1 million students who attend traditional public schools will be in their classrooms with some version of the coronavirus protocols that have been in place during the current academic year, including mask wearing and testing COVID-19, de Blasio said.

” It’s time. It is really time to refuel now, ”he said.

After schools closed in March 2020, New York was one of the first major U.S. cities to reopen school buildings in the fall of that year, but the majority of parents chose e-learning just for the sake of it. their children.

Children and staff who attended physical schools have been randomly tested for COVID-19, and the city has reported very low rates of transmission of the virus in schools.

Asked how city education officials might overcome the fears of parents who have so far chosen only online learning for their children, de Blasio, a Democrat, said that “a lot of information, lots of communication ”would be the answer.

He said parents would be invited to visit their children’s schools from June to “re-acclimatize” to the idea of ​​an in-person school.

“Anyone with a question or concern, come to your child’s school. See what’s going on, get the answers, ”the mayor said.

De Blasio said the city’s schools would be able to accommodate all students under current guidelines from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which require a 3-foot separation, but he speculated that the standard could be relaxed before the city’s public schools open on September. 13.

“I think the CDC will change those rules a bit by September,” de Blasio said. “But right now in New York, we could have each child within a yard of each other, we could do that work if we had to.

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