Mauricio Pochettino: Paris Saint-Germain boss in talks with Tottenham for his return to the club

Mauricio Pochettino: Paris Saint-Germain boss in talks with Tottenham for his return to the club

Mauricio Pochettino is in talks with Tottenham over a return to the club which would see him leave Paris Saint-Germain after less than six months at the helm.

The Argentine was appointed to the Parc des Princes in January, signing a contract until June 2022, with an option for an additional year, after being sacked by Spurs in November 2019.

He was replaced at Tottenham by Jose Mourinho, who led the club to sixth place in his debut season before being sacked in April 2021.

Pochettino led PSG to French Super Cup and Coupe de France victories but failed to clinch the Ligue 1 title, missing Lille by one point.

They reached the Champions League semi-finals after victories over incumbents Bayern Munich and Barcelona in the round of 16, but missed a second straight final after losing to Manchester City in the last four.

In addition to coaching PSG, Pochettino also spent two and a half years at the club as a player after joining Espanyol in 2001.

Although he was sacked by Spurs in 2019, he remains a popular figure in North London after spending more than five years as manager of the club.

He arrived from Southampton in 2014 and led them to the Carabao Cup final in 2015 and the Champions League final – for the first time in club history – in 2019.

Jose Mourinho replaced Pochettino at Tottenham but was sacked in April

Pochettino also oversaw Premier League title challenges in 2015-16 and 2016-17, although the Spurs were dominated by Leicester and Chelsea on those occasions.

If Pochettino left PSG he would leave them looking for their third head coach in less than a year.

Pochettino joined the club as a replacement for Thomas Tuchel, who was sacked in December 2020 after leading them to their first Champions League final a few months earlier.

Merson: Poch would be back with open arms

Paul Merson de Sky Sports:

“Pochettino coming back to Spurs really wouldn’t surprise me.

“People always say not to go back, but you look at the situation at Tottenham and it would be welcomed with open arms. Dele Alli would certainly welcome him and there will be plenty of other players as well.


Mauricio Pochettino spoke to Monday Night Football last year about his departure from Tottenham and said he had no feelings of unease with the club following his dismissal.

“Let’s be honest, there aren’t that many at the moment. I know Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte are out of work, but if Kane leaves they won’t want that job. I know people say I’m ex-Arsenal. and that’s why I say it, but for me the reality is that Spurs’ job without Kane is a bit shocking. You’re kidnapping someone so influential who is likely to cost around £ 100million, but probably worth £ 200million for Spurs.

“If Kane goes I can see Heung-min Son wanting to leave, Hugo Lloris will want to go and before you know it there’s a mutiny there.” They didn’t finish anywhere last season despite Kane winning the Golden Boot, so where are they going? finish next season? They will do well to finish in the top half, in my opinion.

“Why would Pochettino want to go back?” If Harry Kane is sold I think it would save Pochettino time and maybe that’s what attracts him.

“But it is also the attraction of the Premier League. Everyone wants to be in the Premier League. When you are far from it, you seek and try to find a way back. It’s the ultimate league in the world and I can 100 percent understand why he wants to come back.

“The question Spurs fans will want to know the answer to is whether he can convince Kane to change his mind and stay at the club, but I’m not so sure. He said he wanted to win things and with no disrespect, Pochettino didn’t. Didn’t win anything on his first stint there and they were a better team.

Pochettino won two trophies at PSG this season, but missed out on the Ligue 1 title

“The Spurs are far from competitive at the moment. If they finished in the top four next season, you’d want the manager knighted. How do they end up above Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea? Not including Kane, how many of their players fit into these teams?

“I will say this, Spurs are a great club. It’s a classy club and together with the stadium they have great facilities. It’s a really cool place, but there’s no one standing in line to take the first shift. hard work and it will be interesting to see what happens if Poch leaves again. ”

Klinsmann opens up about possible Spurs return and Kane’s future

Tottenham legend Jurgen Klinsmann spoke exclusively to Sky Sports News on possible pleas for help from Daniel Levy, his sympathy with Harry Kane for his future at Spurs and England’s chances at the European Championships this summer.

Jurgen Klinsmann

Former Tottenham striker Jurgen Klinsmann told Sky Sports News he would be open for a job with Spurs if President Daniel Levy called

Klinsmann, who has left football management since leaving Hertha Berlin in February last year, has revealed he will ‘still consider’ a return offer to Tottenham, where he has scored 29 more Premier League goals. of 50 appearances in two periods.

“Definitely you would appreciate it, without a doubt,” Klinsmann said of the possibility of returning to Tottenham. ” He [Daniel Levy] has my number, he can call me at any time. Spurs are something you always consider.

“I’m always in touch and doing stuff with Spurs is always something special. I had the best time of my life there during my two spells.

“In the world of football, things happen so quickly. I never thought I would coach Germany or the United States, so you have to have an open mind. You always have to think about new challenges, so why not Spurs? “


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