Matthew McConaughey talks about leaving Rom-Coms –

Matthew McConaughey talks about leaving Rom-Coms – fr

“I remember saying, ‘Cut the dollars; I will live the experience. “”

Matthew McConaughey had been firmly determined not to do romantic comedies for the past decade – but that doesn’t mean walking away wasn’t a frightening decision.

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After starring in a series of blockbuster romantic comedies, such as How to lose a guy in 10 days and The wedding planner, Matthew decided it was time to make a change in his career.

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“I remember saying, ‘Scare you, I’m going to live the experience,’” Matthew told AARP in a new interview.

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He continued, “I was the romantic comedy guy. I liked creating them, and they paid off well. I had a successful life as an actor. But there is a certain buoyancy in romantic comedies that isn’t hanging your hat on humanity, like drama. ”

Matthew explained that his roles in romantic comedies lacked the depth he felt in his real life.

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“I found the love of my life in Camila [Alves]. We had a newborn baby to come. I had more things I got angry about, laughed at, had more joy, and was sad. The ceilings and basements had more depth and height, and I wanted to do work that reflected my personal vitality, ”he explained.

“So I quit. I spoke to my wife, agent and sales manager and said, “Look, I might not be working for a while,” Matthew confessed.

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He admitted the decision was “frightening” and that his family believed he “was no longer [his] scary, “but he had Camila’s full support.

“Camila said, ‘If we’re going to do this, we’re not going to do it halfway,’” he shared.

From there, Matthew said no to every romantic comedy role that came his way, including his infamous decision to turn down a $ 14.5 million salary.

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“The rumor went around Hollywood, I did that, and they said, ‘McConaughey isn’t bluffing. Stop sending him romantic comedies! “”

“No offer has arrived for almost a year and a half. I was shaking hands now that I might never work in Hollywood again. It pinched me a bit, but it was fine with me. It was time to open a new chapter. in my life, ”Matthew revealed.

But eventually his hiatus paid off and he suddenly started receiving offers for dramas like Dallas Buyers Club and Lincoln Lawyers.

As for the sequel, Matthew says he’s ready to pivot again, but has yet to decide where his path will take him.

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