Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette come and go on Twitter – fr

Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette come and go on Twitter – fr

Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette had a battle of words on Twitter recently, as some Cornette fans appear to have targeted him with a tweet he wrote.

The initial tweet read: ” If you read / watch someone’s take and you don’t like them, why would you waste your time commenting negatively? It’s strange. Pass. People believe differently from you whether you accept it or not. Unless someone is unethical and immoral, let people go about their lives.

After one of Cornette’s fans criticized him for disagreeing with him, Hardy replied: “In the past, I’ve responded to some of his cults on their #BROKEN Matt hates improving my heel personality. Finished with that. Diehard
@AEW fans see me as a heel so I’m just going to be me, be real in the future. Had great respect for JC from the start, not in his current shock gig.

This elicited a response from Cornette, who said: “Not a gig, Matt, just my real opinions since I finished with that dog and pony show that some of you are calling wrestling these days. It’s a shame what happened to the company. Had great respect for you when you weren’t teleporting to other dimensions and changing clothes in a fucking ice machine. »

Matt replied: ” To each his own. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. »

It was last night and it looked like the issue had been dropped, but Hardy then tweeted: ” The clock is ticking, times are always changing. Either you adapt and change with them, or you find yourself stuck in the past. »

Cornette replied: “Your principles will always be tested by people who care more about fame than integrity or money rather than what’s right. Cash in and be a whore or stand up for what you believe in and ask a bunch of stupid idiots you can’t change. Words of wisdom. Don’t do stupid bullshit either. »

Hardy concluded with: “My principles have never been better, Jim. I believe in enjoying life and providing the best for my family. This is what I am doing. I will continue to do this regardless of you. You “hate” and are done with @AEW? You will continue to watch. You have to. It fuels your shock gig. »

Cornette wrote: “I wasn’t just talking about the Lollipop Guild you work for Matt for, I mean ALL that horseshit, your company and his hobbyist booker are just the most egregious. Sorry you have to do shit like that to support your family, that must be a rotten feeling. I like to express my TRUE opinions. »


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