Mathieu Van der Poel says he could leave Tour de France early to focus on Olympics – fr

Mathieu Van der Poel says he could leave Tour de France early to focus on Olympics – fr

Mathieu Van der Poel said it was possible he left the Tour de France early to focus on the Olympics this year. Van der Poel’s team Alpecin Fenix ​​was cleared to compete in the Tour de France for the first time in 2021 and, as a star driver, she has been part of the busy Dutch driver program all year round. It was previously thought he would run the entire Tour before attempting a quick turn of just 12 days to recuperate, travel and acclimatize in Tokyo, however, at a Zoom Ahead World Cup press conference in Nove. Mesto this weekend, Van der Poel now says he could leave the Tour early to focus on his Olympic ambitions.
While skipping the lap entirely isn’t an option, the more punchy hills in the first week of the course will favor Van der Poel’s style better than the taller mountains that come later in the race schedule. Van der Poel is one of the favorites to win the leader’s yellow jersey in week one, but he is unlikely to make it until the last stage on the Champs-Elysees in Paris as he would fight against the specialists climbing and time trial. Because of this, it is possible that he can garner a lot of valuable publicity for his team at the start of the race and then leave later to make sure he gets enough rest before the Olympics.

Wielerflits reports that Van der Poel said: “During the Tour I will keep the Games in mind. I don’t know yet if, and when, I will be leaving the Tour. I will determine that with the team during the I would have preferred to do the Olympics last year and the Tour this year, but it’s not something I can choose this year, so we have to face it. and try to be as prepared as possible.

Van der Poel is already one of the big favorites in Olympic mountain bike racing, but question marks have remained about his ability to race the Tour and the Games in such a short time. Leaving the Tour early would give him more recovery time and likely reduce his chances of winning gold. Van der Poel also explained at the press conference the difficulties in switching between the two disciplines in a short time. He said: “It’s always been a bit of an adaptation for me to switch to mountain biking because of the different stance, steep climbs, you have to really push from the back too, and I got it for the past. a few years. I also need a few hard training sessions or races to get used to the job again.

Whatever happens with Van der Poel’s Olympic and touring ambitions this year, we can expect to see him mountain biking for a while longer as he has confirmed that he will continue with fat tires at least until at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.


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