Massive project including an amphitheater and a 120-room hotel in Bragg Creek, Alberta. – fr

Massive project including an amphitheater and a 120-room hotel in Bragg Creek, Alberta. – fr

A large development – which will eventually include a hotel, housing and an amphitheater – is coming to the small community of Bragg Creek, Alta., Construction will begin this year.
Earlier this month, Rocky View County gave the green light to begin building the Gateway Village project.

The complex will be located on a plot of land covering 12.6 acres (6.3 hectares) beside the Elbow River, west of the existing shopping center in the hamlet, approximately 35 kilometers west of Calgary.

Gateway Village will include townhouses, affordable housing, senior housing, retail stores, an amphitheater, restaurant and boutique hotel.

Dick Koetsier, president of Gateway Developments, says he’s excited to finally move forward with the plans he launched many years ago after falling in love with Bragg Creek.

« [I’ll] try to build something that when people come here will look like they’ve always been there, ”he says.

“This is what we strive for, and [to] fill in the holes that have existed here at Bragg Creek for many years. ”

Plans for the Gateway Village include a 120-room boutique hotel, which will include a restaurant and spa. (Gateway developments)

A major feature of the project is the Wakesiah Lodge boutique hotel, which will include 120 rooms, a conference center, restaurant and spa.

Rocky View County Warden Daniel Henn believes the hotel will “be a game-changer for Bragg Creek.”

Henn says this will turn the hamlet into a place where people will linger longer.

“In the past, Bragg Creek has been pretty much a daytime use. There are some weird guesthouses there, but in reality there was no place to spend the night, ”he said.

Henn says the majority of the community supports the project and all issues that arise have been resolved.

Construction on some of the housing and retail stores that make up Gateway Village is expected to begin this year.


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