massive fire destroys boathouses and historic ships at Platt’s Eyot in Hampton – fr

massive fire destroys boathouses and historic ships at Platt’s Eyot in Hampton – fr

A A massive fire destroyed two shipyards and Grade II listed ships on an island in the Thames southwest of London.

One of the historic “small ships” that saved WWII soldiers during the Dunkirk evacuation is said to be among those lost in the blaze.

The blaze broke out at Platt’s Eyot in Hampton just after 5 p.m. Monday, with witnesses saying they heard “explosions” coming from the area.
Boaters were trying to approach the industrial fire to help firefighters approach the island from the water.
A man was caught on camera climbing onto burning boats in a desperate attempt to save small vessels being restored on the Burning Island.
Naval historian Dr Phil Weir told The Standard: “This is an untold loss of maritime and naval heritage. The yard was where the RN motor torpedo boats were first created during WWI and I suspect at least one of Dunkirk’s small ships was being restored there and was lost.
The Small Vessels Association of Dunkirk claimed that the DLS Lady Gay had “been totally lost” in the fire despite her owners’ attempts to save her.
They claimed that although her name does not appear on any of Dunkirk’s ship lists, there is no doubt that she was there.
Witness Dominique Bouchard told Standard: “It was very upsetting but people were calm. I was still quite far away. I ran into the vicar of St Mary’s Church in Hampton who came to see if anyone needed help.

The spirit of Dunkirk: a man checks his phone on a boat as the fire continues behind him
/ @drbouchard
“I’ve heard a few people say how devastating this is for Eyott businesses and of course losing unique historic architecture and structures is very sad as well.
“I was very worried that people were injured but there did not appear to be any injuries.”
The head of English heritage added: “There were several small boats trying to get close. I saw one with a firefighter on it. Lots of people wanted to help but you don’t want to hinder the professionals.


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