Maryland candy company makes chocolate-covered cicadas – fr

Maryland candy company makes chocolate-covered cicadas – fr

Chouquette Chocolates sells the cicadas – dipped in milk or dark chocolate – online, but she also posted the recipe on her Facebook page for brave chefs looking for something to do with bugs.

Billions of Brood X cicadas emerge from their underground homes as temperatures warm in the eastern United States. They will spend the last days of their lives mating and making a huge racket as the males struggle to attract the females.

It is expected to be the biggest emergence event since 2004.

The fresh cicadas are frozen, quickly soaked in boiling water, then coated with oil and spices, before being air-fried and coated in chocolate, according to the instruction video. The video showed containers of Cinnamon and Old Bay (because, Maryland), but the post said to use the spices you like.

Sarah Dwyer, owner of Chouquette Chocolates, told CNN affiliate WBAL that the end result tasted like chocolate coated chips.

“It’s really crunchy because we air fry them,” she told WBAL.

Dwyer also sells other insect-free cicada-themed chocolates for people who want to enjoy the bugs without eating them.

“I was just thinking about the idea of ​​having cicadas every 17 years, it’s fascinating,” she told WBAL.

Dwyer isn’t the only one serving cicadas.

University of Tennessee professor Jerome Grant told CNN affiliate WVLT that you can boil the bugs or roast them, and he cooked them in a stir-fry and made street tacos.

Cicadas are low in fat, have a vitamin balance and are high in protein, according to Cicada Safari, an app created by experts at Mount St. Joseph University to help map the emergence of Brood X.


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