Mark Fuhrman reveals new details in unresolved Natalee Holloway, Bob Crane cases – fr

Mark Fuhrman reveals new details in unresolved Natalee Holloway, Bob Crane cases – fr

In 2005, Natalee Holloway became a household name after she disappeared on a high school graduation trip to Aruba. His tragic story gripped the nation and dominated the evening news. Suspects quickly emerged, but there was no physical evidence – and no bodies.

16 years later, her case continues to mystify the world. Now, former Los Angeles Police Department detective and Fox Nation host Mark Fuhrman delves deep into the details of one of America’s most notorious crime mysteries in hopes of finding answers that others don’t.

On Tuesday, Fuhrman appeared on Fox News “The Faulkner Focus” to discuss Holloway’s story, with host Harris Faulkner noting that he had “dug up some things” about the case in his final season of “The Fuhrman Diaries ”. Faulkner herself has a connection to the case, having been among the first reporters to speak to Natalee Holloway’s mother after her daughter went missing.

“Mark, you and I have something in common – and it has to do with this matter.” More than curiosity, but after following it. »Said Faulker. “Finally, you discovered things that even those of us who were stuck with it didn’t know. “

Fuhrman, who traveled to Aruba for Fox Nation coverage, noted that Natalee Holloway’s case had been a “compromised investigation” from the start.

But, according to Fuhrman, that wasn’t the only unsolved mystery that had been mismanaged.


In 1978 American actor, radio personality and ‘Heroes of HoganStar Bob Crane was clubbed to death in his Scottsdale, Ariz. Apartment – leaving behind a wife, five children and an inheritance in question.

Although Crane’s murder sent shockwaves across Hollywood, his previously uncontroversial star image was reportedly threatened by the suspicious nature of his death – and the resulting personal life revelations.

“His reputation and fame predated everything in the investigation,” said Furhman, who suggested his social status led the Scottsdale Police Department to mismanage the case.

“It was completely screwed up from the start… probably because he was a celebrity and they were intimidated by everything he did. “

Exclusive new details about Natalee Holloway’s disappearance can be found in Season 6 of Fox Nation’s “The Fuhrman Diaries”, among other high-profile crime mysteries like Bob Crane and more.

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