Marilyn Manson sued by woman claiming to have raped her –

Marilyn Manson sued by woman claiming to have raped her – fr

The shock rocker is chased by a Jane Doe who claims she started dating him in 2011, and although she claims their relationship was romantic and sweet at first, she says things quickly got worse.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims that Manson once showed her a personal video that he called “Groupie” and kept locked up in a safe place. She claims Manson told her the video was shot in 1996 after her band performed at the Hollywood Bowl, and she claims the footage includes sex acts, humiliation and a gun.

In the documents, the woman claims Manson’s family film shows him tying a young fan to a chair and forcing her to drink a glass of urine from a member of the group, threatening her with a gun. fire and maybe whipping her with a gun. Doe claims the video left her scared for her own life.

The woman also claims that Manson raped her when she went to give her a key to her house. She claims Manson forced her to the ground and raped her while she was face down. After the alleged rape, she claims he threatened to kill her.

Doe is suing Manson for damages and she wants a declaration that Manson’s actions and conduct violated the law. As we reported… Manson is also continued for sexual assault by his former assistant, plus Actrice de « Game of Thrones » Esme Bianco. Cops also say he is wanted in New Hampshire for an alleged assault At a concert.

We’ve reached out to Manson’s reps… so far no word in return.


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