Marilyn Manson charged with sexual assault in retrial –

Marilyn Manson charged with sexual assault in retrial – fr

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Another day another allegation of despicable abuse from singer Marilyn Manson, stage name Brian Warner. In a new lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles, an ex-girlfriend of the musician, named “Jane Doe” in the document, accuses Manson of rape and “other degrading acts of sexual exploitation, manipulation and violence. psychological ”during their relationship, which began as a consensual encounter in 2011, according to Deadline.

During their relationship, the woman claims, Manson also showed her a videotape called “Groupie” which the singer said he filmed in 1996 after a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. On the tape, a “seemingly young teenage fan” could be seen crying as she was scolded by the singer, threatened with a gun and forced to drink a glass of urine from one of her band mates.

Manson reportedly told Jane Doe that her manager Tony Ciulla had seen the tape and warned the singer not to show it to anyone lest he be sent to jail. When the singer was evasive when answering questions about the girl in the video, Jane Doe feared she had been murdered. According to TMZ, a source close to Manson claims that the video was simply “a scripted short film intended to be used for a future project that was never officially released.”

In addition to the allegations of repeated sexual abuse, the lawsuit describes bizarre behavior on Manson’s part, such as surprising singer Jane Doe who woke up in the middle of the night to demand sex by “screaming.” The woman also claims that Manson discussed his former girlfriend and accusing colleague Evan Rachel Wood, whom the singer allegedly “wanted to kill”, after he “tied Mrs Wood to a chair and pointed a gun at her” before deciding to to be “merciful.” After allegedly raping her when she tried to return the key to her house, Jane Doe claims Manson threatened to kill her, telling her he would “get away” if he did.

Manson has so far denied all of the many allegations of sexual assault and abuse made against him by Evan Rachel Wood and others this year. Having spoken of him anonymously in the past, the Westworld The actress publicly named the singer her former attacker in February.


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