Maria Kanellis questions Stephanie McMahon’s plea for women in struggle – fr

Maria Kanellis questions Stephanie McMahon’s plea for women in struggle – fr

ROH star Maria Kanellis recently appeared on KAWADA DRIVER and said the advocacy for women in wrestling put forward by WWE Brand Manager Stephanie McMahon was more promotional than something else.

Kanellis and her husband Mike Bennett left WWE last year amid other COVID-19 budget cuts. In this new interview, she wonders how Stephanie deals with WWE not doing any pay-per-view women’s empowerment events after the All-Female Evolution show in 2018.

“So you have all these unnecessary pay-per-views, you have the ability to do a female empowerment pay-per-view and you don’t?” I don’t understand, ”Maria said. “I don’t know how Stephanie McMahon handles this.

“Like as a woman, I was very candid about women’s wrestling and women in wrestling. It’s no surprise that as a woman I couldn’t cope with this. If I had all this power in the industry, I couldn’t face this. I have a minimum of power in this area and I fight in the tail to create more opportunities. “

Maria went on and named some of the projects that WWE’s Women’s Division would be involved in if she had the power that Stephanie does.

“If I had that much power, there would be an entire show plus a reality show that actually covers girls live,” she says. “Plus we’d have a makeup line and be on the cover of Vogue saying, ‘Guess what? These women are badass and they are beautiful in themselves. “

Maria and Mike are currently working for ROH having recently signed contracts with the company.

Stay tuned for more. You can see Maria’s full interview below:

(M / T to Arturo Muscarelli for quotes)


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