Manchester United refuse club staff to let protesters enter Old Trafford for anti-Glazer protest

Manchester United refuse club staff to let protesters enter Old Trafford for anti-Glazer protest

According to Manchester United, reports that protesters entered Old Trafford on Sunday through a door opened by club staff is “completely incorrect”.

The protests were a protest by United supporters unhappy with the Glazer family’s 16 years of ownership at the club and took place two weeks after United’s announcement as a founding member of the now collapsed European Super League.

United said protesters gained access to Old Trafford through barriers and security, before climbing up the gates and forcing access through a side door. They also say the door of a disabled elevator was broken.

The protests led to Manchester United’s game against Liverpool being postponed on Sunday. The club is now working with police to identify anyone involved in criminal activity and say they will sanction any season ticket holders or members who have been implicated.

“Following yesterday’s events, while many supporters wanted to exercise their right to protest and express their opinion peacefully, some intended to disrupt the team’s preparation and the match itself, such as This is evidenced by the activity at the Lowry Hotel and at the stadium, ”a club statement said.


Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves and Jamie Carragher watch Manchester United fans enter Old Trafford pitch to protest club ownership.

“Reports in the mainstream and social media that protesters were able to access the stadium and pitch through a door opened by club staff is completely incorrect.

“After passing through the barriers and security on the square, some demonstrators climbed the doors at the end of the Munich tunnel, then forced access to a side door in the stand, before opening an exterior door that allowed others to access the hall and the field.

“A second breach occurred when a protester smashed the door of a disabled access elevator, allowing a group to enter the stand.


Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane react to news that Manchester Utd v Liverpool game was postponed after fans protested inside Old Trafford ahead of the game

“The majority of our supporters have condemned and will condemn criminal damage, as well as any violence against club staff, police or other supporters, and it is now becoming a police matter.

“The club does not wish to see peaceful protesters punished, but will work with the police to identify those involved in criminal activity, and will also impose its own sanctions on any subscription holder or identified member, in accordance with the published sanctions policy. .

“Information on the rescheduling of the match and any possible implication on other matches will be announced after discussion and agreement with the Premier League.

“We remain committed to engaging and engaging with our fans through the Fan Forum and other appropriate channels. “


A timeline of how the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool was postponed after fans broke into Old Trafford to protest club ownership.

More than a thousand fans demonstrated outside Old Trafford on Sunday, and hundreds broke into the ground and protested on the pitch ahead of the closed-door contest with Liverpool.

The match was originally scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m., but was initially delayed and then canceled altogether just over an hour after the scheduled kick-off time. Discussions are underway around finding a new date for the appointment.

Two police officers were injured in Sunday’s protests, one of whom was hospitalized after “sustaining a major cut to his face,” according to Greater Manchester Police.

Fans also gathered outside the team’s hotel – The Lowry Hotel in Manchester, where the United team were staying ahead of the game – ahead of Sunday’s game at Old Trafford.


Manchester United supporters broke into Old Trafford and demonstrated against Glazers’ ownership on the pitch.

FA investigates “violent and criminal behavior”

The Football Federation also released a statement on Monday regarding the protests and, although it was sympathetic to the majority of fans, it said it would investigate any “violent and criminal behavior” on Sunday.

“Since learning about the European Super League, our priority and our goal has been to prevent it from happening, now and in the future,” the statement said.

“Throughout this period we have had ongoing discussions with the government, the Premier League and UEFA. In particular, we discussed legislation with the government that would allow us to prevent any similar threats in the future so that we can protect the British. football pyramid.

“Last week we launched an official investigation into the formation of the European Super League and the involvement of the six English clubs.

“We have written to all clubs to formally request all relevant information and evidence regarding their participation. Once we have the required information, we will review the appropriate action to take.

“Obviously what happened was unacceptable and could have done a lot of damage to clubs at all levels of English football.

“The supporters played a vital and impactful role in helping to prevent the European Super League from happening, and we understand their frustrations.

“However, we cannot tolerate the violent and criminal behavior that took place ahead of the scheduled Manchester United v Liverpool game, which the FA is currently investigating. “


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