Manchester United News and transfers RECAP Harry Maguire News and Man Utd v Villarreal predictions –

Manchester United News and transfers RECAP Harry Maguire News and Man Utd v Villarreal predictions – fr

Great United Gary Pallister believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the club’s best coach since Sir Alex Ferguson but said, speaking to bookmaker SBK in an interview, the Norwegian had to win the Europa League tonight to relieve a some pressure on him.

Pallister said United need to start early tonight against Villarreal and avoid their habit of conceding first in games:

“Before, he didn’t make it to a final and we talked about it, but he’s done with it and they’re in the final now. He needs to put a trophy in the cabinet and I’m sure he thinks so. Ole and this Manchester United. The team are the best team United have had in quite a while. They are trying to play in the image of Manchester United and Ole understands that, the fans are happy with the way it is going.

“Spending an unbeaten Premier League season away from home means something to you. They went into other people’s patches and weren’t beaten which is amazing.

“I think this is the club that comes closest to the top since Sir Alex left and I think it is because Ole was the first coach to understand the club. United are different from most clubs around the world in that they expect entertainment and unfortunately they never really got that from previous coaches. He knows what the fans want and he tries to play entertaining football and not settle for points he wants to go and win every game. If the team is good enough right now to play this gung -h football, maybe not. If Ole adds to the squad then the signs are good.

The thing is with United, they can be so high and low and consistency is something that they’ve been trying to find for most of the season. They often started games badly and managed to get back into the game.

“I think a lot depends on Manchester United and how they present themselves at night. If they show up hungry and confident, then I think they win the game. If they start off like they started for a lot of games this season, then it could be a problem. ”


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