Man trapped at Malaysia airport for months details his experience in new book –

Man trapped at Malaysia airport for months details his experience in new book – fr

TORONTO – Syrian refugee Hassan al Kontar has become an unlikely internet celebrity after being trapped at Kuala Lumpur airport for months before traveling to Vancouver in 2018, detailing his experience in a new book.

Al Kontar, who refused to return to Syria for compulsory military service or purchase an exemption when conflict erupted in 2011, was arrested and deported from the United Arab Emirates, where he had worked for several years.

Without status in the United Arab Emirates for six years, Al Kontar was able to renew his passport in 2017, traveling to one of the few countries to accept Syrians without a visa for 90 days – Malaysia – that’s how he got there. is found trapped in arrivals. terminal in Kuala Lumpur for months as he tried to avoid returning to Syria.

He tweeted about his daily experiences, quickly gaining many followers who sympathized with his situation, which ultimately led to an organized campaign to seek him asylum in Canada.

Since arriving in British Columbia, Al Kontar has continued to advocate for refugees around the world and works as an emergency worker for the Red Cross. He is now a Canadian permanent resident.

His new book “The Man at the Airport – How Social Media Saved My Life” details his experiences and what it means to be a Syrian, an “illegal” and a refugee.

“All I asked for was a place to call home, and a place to be safe all the time, to work legally,” Al Kontar said of his trip to Canada on Your Morning Wednesday. from CTV.

Al Kontar presents the role social media has played in his life in the new book: “We live in the future, now – his fascinating people no longer need to write a sign and come out to protest, they can create wave, create a change and be a part of it while they enjoy their living in their living room.

He described social media as a “tool” that could “save lives or be a weapon of mass destruction, it’s up to us to use them.”

“For me, it changed my life.”

Al Kontar’s book is now available in the United States and Canada.


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