Man City boss Pep Guardiola refers to ‘lucky’ Manchester United Champions League wins – fr

Man City boss Pep Guardiola refers to ‘lucky’ Manchester United Champions League wins – fr

Pep Guardiola says Manchester City’s Champions League place shows how remarkable their efforts in the competition have been before, as he highlighted two Manchester United ‘lucky’ wins in Europe to prove how small margins are doing. the difference.
City beat Paris Saint-Germain 4-1 on aggregate to reserve their place in their first-ever Champions League final, where they will face Real Madrid or Chelsea in Istanbul on May 29.

After four disappointing outings to Monaco, Liverpool, Tottenham and Lyon under Guardiola, City tried their luck against PSG, and the manager said those outings proved how good their performance has been this season.

Asked by BT Sport what it was like to have reached a first final in 10 years since leaving Barcelona, ​​Guardiola said: “People think it’s easy to get to the Champions League. People believe because it happens in the past that you have to get to the Champions League final Unfortunately, getting to the final now makes sense what we’ve been doing for the last four years, five years.

“Every day the consistency the guys have shown over the past five years is the remarkable thing. We won the first game of this competition with a shot from the hips of the opponent, today was a post of Marquinhos. Maybe the penalty is given, of course it’s not a penalty but maybe it is given and you are out for those little details.

“United won a Champions League because Terry slippery, United won in the last minute at Camp Nou in 1999. This competition, Madrid won against Atletico Madrid in 93 minutes. This competition is so difficult, there is something about the stars that they are involved in. We have won 11 games, we just have to draw Porto. We now have three weeks to prepare for the final. ”

Guardiola also took the time to congratulate the players who were not involved in the second leg, as he said: “For all of us at the club. Incredibly proud, my first thoughts always for the players who haven’t played today, I know for them, it’s always so difficult.

“They deserve to play, but everyone is making their contribution to this Champions League season. Now is the time to take advantage of it. A step towards the Premier League and have two, three weeks to prepare for the final. “


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