London Covid rates by borough revealed as cases drop more than 98% since peak of second wave – fr

London Covid rates by borough revealed as cases drop more than 98% since peak of second wave – fr

CLondon’s ovid-19 cases have fallen more than 98% since the peak of the second wave, official figures reveal today.

They also show that the number of coronavirus patients in hospitals in the capital has fallen to its lowest level in seven months.

Just over one person dies on average per day in the city, within 28 days of testing positive for Covid, according to the latest data.
The figures reveal how Londoners managed to fight the virus and will also raise new questions about whether the government risks wasting the ‘vaccine dividend’, earned by the peak vaccine rollout, by being too cautious in lifting restrictions.
The seven-day Covid rate had peaked for several days in London at around 25 new confirmed infections per 100,000 people per week, but the rate started to decline again and was 21.2 cases per 100,000 Londoners in the week to April 28 , or 1,900 confirmed infections in total, 17.1% less than the previous week.
It also fell 98.1% during the second peak of 100,233 waves on January 4.
Official figures also show:
* There were 315 coronavirus patients in London hospitals as of April 30, up from a peak of 7,917 on January 18, and the lowest since 287 on October 4. Seventy-one patients were so sick they were on ventilators at the end of April. .
* Fourteen Covid patients were admitted to hospitals in the city on April 28, the latest figure available.
* Sixteen people have died in London, within 28 days of testing positive for the coronavirus, in the fortnight from April 14 to 27, with death figures in recent days subject to change.
* Fifteen boroughs had a seven-day rate below 20, as of April 28, with Havering lowest at 12.7, followed by Bexley at 12.9 and Lewisham at 13.4.
* Twelve arrondissements had a rate between 20 and 30.
* Five had a rate above 30, the highest, Hounslow, out of 36.8.
* The biggest drop in confirmed Covid cases was in Barnet, down 40.8% in the week to April 28, followed by Lambeth 39.7%, Enfield 36% and Bexley 34.7%.


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