Local lockdowns won’t beat Indian variant, Oxford professor warns – fr

Local lockdowns won’t beat Indian variant, Oxford professor warns – fr

MA study suggests that trials that focus on the personal, rather than the collective, benefits of having a Covid-19 vaccine may be the most effective way to convince those who are hesitant about the vaccine.

Research from the University of Oxford, which involved nearly 19,000 adults in the UK, has indicated that one in 10 people remain skeptical about getting a vaccine against the coronavirus.

The study, published in the journal The Lancet Public Health, suggests that the most effective way to encourage those who are hesitant to get the vaccine is to focus on personal benefits, “highlighting the fact that you can’t be sure , even if you are relatively young and fit, so that you don’t get seriously ill or struggle with long-term issues related to Covid.

Study director Daniel Freeman, professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford, said: “Much of the official message around the Covid-19 vaccination is based on the idea of ​​accountability. collective – that it is beneficial for all of us to receive the vaccine.

“For most people in the UK this is a message that definitely resonates. But for the significant minority of people who remain skeptical about vaccination against Covid-19, another approach may be necessary. “


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