Live NBA playoff updates as Kevin Durant and Brooklyn lead 2-0 against Boston –

Live NBA playoff updates as Kevin Durant and Brooklyn lead 2-0 against Boston – fr

The Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics opener was a two-half story as the Celtics won the first half by six points before the Nets found their rhythm on the attacking side and ended up winning the second halftime by 16 points to walk away with a 104-93 victory at Barclays Center. The series continues Tuesday night with Jayson Tatum and Co. looking to tie the series with Brooklyn. While there is still a full half to play, things aren’t going well for the Celtics at the moment as the Nets have a sizable lead after two quarterbacks in Brooklyn.

Despite the double-digit victory, the Nets’ offense seemed out of sync for the majority of the first half against the Celtics in Game 1. Clearly, in the end, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden fell apart. set to roll and Brooklyn came away with the win, but if the Nets sink deeper into the playoffs, they won’t want to regularly pull themselves out of halftime deficits. For Boston, other players will need to step up efforts to relieve some of the pressure from Tatum on the attacking side so the Nets defense can’t touch him every time the Celtics have possession of the basketball.

For more on the NBA Playoffs, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth review of the Nets-Celtics series, the turn-based playoff schedule, an X-factor breakdown of each team, and our expert predictions. for the two opening rounds and all the playoffs. Follow below for all real-time updates throughout Game 2 between Brooklyn and Boston.


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