Lindsay Lohan kicks off comeback with Netflix Christmas movie –

Lindsay Lohan kicks off comeback with Netflix Christmas movie – fr

After telling Anderson Cooper that she wanted to return to America and resume her acting career, Lindsay Lohan officially signed on for a new Christmas movie for Netflix. (Variety)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have become “balcony officials” in Miami. (Unlisted)

Kylie Jenner is crazy people think she’s in an open relationship with Travis Scott if anyone cares. It’s a slow day. (Celebitchy)

When asked to speak to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks on the Holocaust, Meghan McCain chose to derail the entire panel and accuse her co-hosts of being “feared” for never criticizing The Squad. It was a hot mess. (Daily beast)

But it ended in this beautiful moment:

George Floyd’s family will be more than a meeting when they visit the White House, because this administration is good, in fact. (The root)

It got lost in the mix, but just a warning, Danny Masterson is on trial for raping three women after his victims testified at a preliminary hearing last week. The one where he took a smiling selfie in the parking lot. (The cup)

From Kristy: The Linda Lindas on their viral Racist song, Sexist Boy: “It’s good to let the anger out and scream. ” (The Guardian)

And of Kristy again. (Thank you!)

Henry Cavill has confirmed reports that he is playing in the Highlander restart from John Wick director Chad Stahelski. (Instagram)

If you want to know what Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s strange black tongue were doing at the Billboard Awards, your guess is as good as anyone else’s. (Vulture)

Zack Snyder wants to do his version of Wrestler, but with Amy Adams and she is a traveling Midwestern housewife. (IndieWire)

The pandemic affected Malin’s reading ability, but Lindy West Shit, actually kept his interest. “The devious movie reviews looked absolutely perfect, and I’m happy to report that I finished this book in under 48 hours, which is almost a record for me this year. Do you have a favorite snarky movie review? (Cannonball Read 13)

And this delicious little moment comes from Kaleena:

5 After Dark shows: The CW “Black Lightning” series finale, NBC “Debris” season one finale |

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