Lincoln Project Needs Trump With New Attack Announcement – fr

Lincoln Project Needs Trump With New Attack Announcement – fr

The election is over, but the Lincoln Project always laughing Donald Trump.
“The swamp won, Donald,” says the anti-Trump group in a new attack announcement. “Mitch McConnell’s Washington Consultants make a lot of money using your name.”

New commercial, titled “Swamp Thing,” set to air on air Fox News and local Palm Beach resorts, just before the former president left Mar-a-Lago “>Mar-a-Lago to spend his summer in New Jersey. Throughout the commercial, a deep-voiced narrator mocks Mr. Trump as images of swamp creatures flash across the screen.

“Maybe you shouldn’t run again,” the narrator drawled. “Maybe the power Mitch McConnell a on the GOP is just too much for you. Maybe what McConnell and the rest of Washington are saying is true: that Trump is finished.

Mr Trump has been openly arguing with Senate Minority Leader McConnell since Jan.6 last year, when a crowd of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol. Mr McConnell said the former president was “practically and morally responsible” for the attack, although Mr McConnell did not vote to convict Mr Trump in his impeachment trial.

Since then, Mr. Trump has repeatedly insulted Mr. McConnell in his public comments, calling him a “stupid son of a bitch” and “austere, sullen and smileless political hacking.”

Meanwhile, the ex-president also demanded that Republicans stop using his name and likeness for fundraising. The Republican National Committee has replied that Mr. Trump is a public figure and can refer to him as he sees fit.

The new commercial for Project Lincoln seeks to ignite all of these conflicts.

“You’re playing yourself,” the ad tells Mr. Trump. “They laugh at you, right down to the bank.

The one-minute spot even brings home a trophy that Republican Senator Rick Scott personally presented to the former president of Mar-a-Lago – the newly created “Champion for Freedom Award”.

“They brought you a little bowl to hold in your little hands, and you fell in love,” the ad says.

Mr. Trump has long been sensitive to the size of his hands.

Project Lincoln was formed by a group of anti-Trump Republicans to help prevent his re-election in 2020. Since Mr. Trump lost, however, the group’s advertisements have continued. Another TV spot, released on April 21, calls it “Old, helpless, [and] an embarrassment. “

It is not clear whether the new ads are intended to provoke conflict within the Republican Party, to entice Mr. Trump to run for a second term, or to simply torment him.


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