Lego celebrates diversity with a rainbow of minifigures – fr

Lego celebrates diversity with a rainbow of minifigures – fr

Illustration from item titled Lego Celebrates Diversity with a Rainbow of Minifigures

photo: The Lego group

On sale June 1, “Everyone’s Awesome” is a 346-piece Lego set intended to celebrate the diversity of Lego fans and the world around them. It includes 11 monochrome faceless figures arranged in the colors of the LGBTQIA + rainbow flag. It’s a bit on the nose, but I’m digging it.

According to the video accompanying this morning’s announcement, the Everyone’s Awesome set started as a personal project for Lego VP of Design Matthew Ashton, just something representing diversity and acceptance to keep on his mind. office. When the Lego Group decided to create an official set celebrating exactly these things, Mr. Ashton donated his design, and the rest is a cute $ 34.99 conversation piece for your home or office.

From a purely design point of view, I love the whole thing. I have a soft spot for the color coordinated Lego design, and these monochrome designs are striking-I can already imagine different uses for the figurine’s hair and other pieces. I might need more than one of these, for science.


photo: The Lego group

As for the message, the Lego community is one of the most acceptable and inclusive communities out there. We are linked by our love of construction and creativity. This set is just a bonus.


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