Lawmakers call for Fauci’s resignation or ‘immediately’ dismissal amid COVID flip flops –

Lawmakers call for Fauci’s resignation or ‘immediately’ dismissal amid COVID flip flops – fr

Amid updated advice on masks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and new information revealed about the origins of COVID-19, experts and Americans question the credibility of those who launched the shootings throughout the pandemic – including high profile Dr Anthony Fauci.

“The agency [CDC] has lost all credibility, ”said Dr. Marty Makary, Fox News medical contributor and professor of health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. The public sees through the CDC’s flawed advice on schools, travel, and summer camps that use the guise of science. This is why 52% of Americans no longer trust the CDC. ”

New CDC guidelines on masks for people vaccinated are confusing.

Dr Brett Giroir, the former White House Coronavirus Task Force testing czar and former deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), said the confusion surrounding the new CDC guidelines is the result of “horrible communication and planning around directives” as well as “terrible choice of words”.

“The real message is this: if you are vaccinated, and not in a special group like the immunocompromised, it is safe for you and for others around you that you are without a mask inside,” Giroir said. . “But, if you are in areas of severe disease or in a high risk situation and you are not vaccinated, it is always safer to wear a mask than not to wear one. “


In addition to mistrust of the CDC, Fauci’s credibility is faltering, some experts say. He recently said he was “not convinced” that COVID-19 had developed naturally outside a laboratory in Wuhan, after a report came out that three workers at the laboratory in Wuhan had received diagnosed with COVID-like symptoms just before the official outbreak in China.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky testified on Wednesday that a laboratory origin of COVID-19 is “a possibility.”

Yet in May 2020, Fauci told National Geographic: “What exists now is very, very strongly leaning towards that could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated. But in May, he did an about-face.

When a Politifact reporter asked him if he was still convinced that COVID-19 was developing naturally, he replied, “No, actually no, I’m not convinced. “

Security personnel gather near the entrance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where three lab workers were diagnosed with COVID-like symptoms just before the outbreak in China.
(Photo AP / Ng Han Guan)

Aside from the origins of the virus, Fauci has also given mixed messages regarding mask warrants.

In March 2020, he said “there is no reason to walk around with a mask,” and in June 2020, he discouraged wearing masks to keep them for health workers, calling ” personal protective equipment… was very rare ”. But then, in January 2021, he said double-masking “makes sense, it’s more effective.”


Giroir acknowledged that these mixed messages can, in part, be attributed to new information and data, but that there could have been better transparency.

“The change in mask guidance was based on new information and data,” he said. “Of course I had some issues at the time because we didn’t know the masks weren’t working. We just didn’t have any positive evidence that they worked, and we had to keep the masks for healthcare workers. Fauci should have been blunt with this as well as the rest of the task force’s medical leadership, stating that we don’t know if they are working instead of saying not to wear them. “

Representative Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., Member of the House of Representatives China Task Force, who recently discovered that $ 1.1 million in U.S. taxpayer funding had been sent to the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, said he was troubled by Mr. Fauci’s mix. message on the mask warrants but considers that this is “nothing new”.

Dr Anthony Fauci said he was now “not convinced” that COVID-19 had developed naturally outside a laboratory in Wuhan. (Jim Lo Scalzo / Pool via AP)

“He was wrong, intentionally misleading and inconsistent throughout this pandemic. Here are a few examples of Fauci’s failures: claiming there was very little risk to Americans in January 2020, opposing President Trump’s travel ban to China and then giving him credit for saving lives. , and mistakenly predicting an explosion of cases in Texas after Gov. Abbott lifted the state mask warrants, ”Reschenthaler said. “It is high time that Dr. Fauci stopped talking to the American public. Fauci is expected to resign or be fired immediately. “

Representative Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, proposed the “Fauci Incompetence Require Early Dismissal” Act in light of his mixed messages.

“Dr Fauci disagrees with the CDC,” he said. “He has repeatedly put political science ahead of science on COVID-19. “


However, Giroir said he didn’t think Fauci had turned around in 2021.

“The current confusion is due to the fact that the general directions of the CDC are confusing, and it is obvious that the CDC has changed its directions without informing it in detail,” he added.


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