Lauren Boebert laughs for saying “My pronoun is patriotic” – which is not a pronoun –

Lauren Boebert laughs for saying “My pronoun is patriotic” – which is not a pronoun – fr

Conservative Congressman Lauren Boebert faces backlash from progressives and grammarians after declaring the word “patriot” his pronoun.
“My pronoun is ‘Patriot’”, the Colorado Republican tweeted mardi.

As many on Twitter have quickly pointed out, “patriot” is a noun, not a pronoun.

“I guess you weren’t very good at Mad Libs,” one user written back.

“Your adjectives are” traitor “,” ignorant “and” embarrassing “,” another wrote.

“We need to invest more in education,” someone else tweeted, with a photo of the dictionary definition of “patriot”. The word “name” was circled.

Many Twitter users include their pronouns – such as “he”, “she” or “they” – in their bio to inform readers of their gender. It is a way to avoid misunderstandings and a tacit recognition that people’s genders do not always match their outward appearance.

Ms. Boebert has repeatedly ridiculed this type of acceptance. She called the Equality Act, which would ban discrimination against LGBTQ Americans, a “Gay supremacy”, and mockingly demanded that the Democrats call him “Member of the Boebert Congress.”

The young MP arrived in the House of Representatives at the same time as Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican with extremist views and similar confrontational tactics, but who generally receives more media coverage than Ms Boebert. Some on Twitter have questioned whether Ms Boebert’s “pronoun” comment was supposed to bring some of the light back.

“You saw @mtgreenee getting all the attention so you must have bred your stupid,” one watcher wrote. “Pleasant. “

Others argued that maybe “patriot” was just a savage misspelling.

“You misspelled” ethnonationalist “,” a user wrote.

A common thread running through many tweets mocking Ms Boebert was her lack of formal education.

“‘Patriot’ is not actually a pronoun,” wrote one. “I guess they haven’t covered this in your GED classes. “

The 34-year-old MP did not graduate from high school or attend university. It got his GED, or graduate equivalency diploma, in 2020, the same year she joined Congress.

Others questioned Ms. Boebert’s self-proclaimed patriotism, which was accused of helping the attack on the US Capitol in January.

“A patriot would have condemned the January 6 insurgency, not encouraged”, one user tweeted.

“Why was the word ‘patriot’ co-opted by the right?” another request. “I know a lot of queer patriotic people. You don’t have patriotism.


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