Latest coronavirus: WHO will build a “BioHub” in Switzerland for a global exchange of pathogens

Latest coronavirus: WHO will build a “BioHub” in Switzerland for a global exchange of pathogens

The number of visits to the UK by overseas residents fell dramatically last year, due to restrictions induced by the coronavirus hampered the ability to travel. Data released Monday by the Office for National Statistics showed the number of visits to the UK fell 73 percent to 11.1 million last year.

The US aviation regulator says it has received around 1,900 passenger complaints refuse to wear face masks since the beginning of the year. The Federal Aviation Administration said it received 2,500 reports of unruly behavior, including 1,900 refusals to comply with the federal mask mandate.

The United States has issued a “do not travel” advisory for Japan. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s level 4 travel advisory, released on Monday, comes as the Japanese government plans to prolong the state of emergency in Tokyo and in several other prefectures.

New York City public school students are due to be back in classrooms this fall as Mayor Bill de Blasio calls the time on distance learning in the largest school district in the United States. In an interview on Monday, de Blasio said face-to-face teaching would return in September for 1 million children in the system, without “non-distance” learning.

A Cineworld employee wears a mask at the Leicester Square chain cinema in London © Hollie Adams / Getty Images

Cineworld said he enjoyed strong opening weekend in the UK, attendance figures are expected to rise further as new films come out and more people get vaccinated. The popularity of Peter Rabbit 2: La fugue meant that traffic to Cineworld’s UK sites “exceeded” expectations.

Another case in a wave of Energy consolidation in the United States Shale oil producer Cimarex Energy and Cabot Oil & Gas said Monday, revealing a $ 17 billion “merger of equals”. The merger is the last in recent months as the US oilfield recovers from the crude price rout induced by last year’s pandemic.

Accountant EY has told his UK staff they should expect to spend at least two days a week working from home after the pandemic, becoming the latest service company to embrace hybrid work. Big Four’s 17,000 UK employees were told they would split the rest of their time between offices and customer sites.

Airbnb is taking action to prevent a lack of rental property, deploying new tools, including list curation driven by artificial intelligence. With lockdowns easing and traveler vaccinations, Airbnb faces a supply shortage in popular destinations as an influx of customers is likely to outnumber hosts.


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