“Last Week Tonight” Announces “The World’s First Sexual Wellness Coverage” – Deadline – fr

“Last Week Tonight” Announces “The World’s First Sexual Wellness Coverage” – Deadline – fr

Last week tonight host John Oliver began his show lamenting the current state of Republican politics in the country.
Oliver highlighted several GOP candidates across the country (e.g. Andrew Giuliani, Mark McCloskey) with rude personalities and pointed to the Republican Party’s latest efforts to dismantle Roe vs. Wade. The Anglo-American host denounced the legacy of the Trump presidency and how it allowed a new generation of cartoonists to run for office. “If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that ridiculous people can end up getting elected,” said Oliver.

“These people look like clowns. They are clowns, ”Oliver continued. “It’s important to remember that clowns, while funny, are also terrifying. This week reminded us of yet another reminder that if you’re not very careful you can end up with a clown car full of them making some incredibly important decisions about your life.

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After showing off a montage of quirky moments of general commentary from San Francisco City Council, Oliver moved on to his main segment of the night: sponsored content.

Sponsored content is the practice of embedding commercial advertisements in journalistic media. For example, ExxonMobil pays for an article in the New York Times on the future of energy. However, in the case of local news, the stations faced a challenge.

“Local news programs need to both educate the community and earn money. It was difficult to reconcile, ”said Oliver.

This sponsored content practice has led news stations to comply with SEC regulations and “do just enough not to get into trouble.”

There is an industry of lifestyle experts who pay fees to appear on daytime TV segments to sell different brands. He cites the example of a woman named Michelle Yarn, who identifies herself as a lifestyle expert and speaks on the air about products such as a cheese fountain.

While not detrimental, the sponsored content problem becomes more murky when it involves other products and services. Oliver pointed the finger at a financial consultant who pushed misleading advice and a medical expert who shared rave reviews of an electroshock product that makes your “penis harder.”

Although he only mentioned a few examples from his show, “the problem is [that] segments with risky medical claims are everywhere, ”said Oliver.

To prove how easy it is to air a dubious medical product on the air, Oliver bought time from unsuspecting local news programs to solicit the Venus Veil, “the world’s first sexual wellness coverage. “.

Oliver started a bogus company called Venus Inventions, created a website (venusinventions.com), and hired an actress to show off the bogus cover that uses “magneto-genetics launched in Germany 80 years ago” to “solve erectile problems and improve vaginal lubrication. The actress asked reporters to smile and nod after making blatantly fraudulent medical claims.

He managed to get segments to air on local stations in Utah, Austin and Denver to advertise his sexual coverage and boasted that it only cost him $ 7,200 to win all three shows. The whole trick, Oliver said, was to establish the waning credibility of the television news.

“As we have been saying for years now, the integrity of local information is of critical importance. There is real harm to everyone if this integrity is compromised. To the owners of these stations who sell them at a depressing price, I have a simple question. The f ** k that you do? Oliver finished.

Watch the segment in the video above.


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