Kim Kardashian West sued by staff claiming to be underpaid and not getting breaks

Kim Kardashian West sued by staff claiming to be underpaid and not getting breaks

Kim Kardashian West is facing allegations from seven of her household staff that they were not paid enough or were not given breaks while working at her home in California.

The plaintiffs claim that Kardashian West did not pay overtime, cover expenses or grant legally mandatory breaks, according to a civil action filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

“Claimants have never received pay stubs, have not been paid on regular pay periods, have not received the necessary meals and breaks, have not had the means to record all their hours, have not been paid all of their hours, have not been reimbursed for their employment expenses have not been paid all of their overtime wages and have not been paid at the end of their employment Says the lawsuit, which was first reported by NBC News.

The lawsuit does not include an amount sought from Kardashian West, except to say that “the matter in dispute, interest excluded, exceeds $ 25,000.” The action also claims that Kardashian West withheld 10% of her salary for taxes, but did not report her job to the tax authorities.

A representative said in a statement that Kardashian West could not be held responsible since the employees went through an anonymous “seller”.

“These workers were hired and paid through a third-party supplier hired by Kim to provide ongoing services,” the representatives said in a statement.

“Kim is not a party to the agreement between the seller and his employees, so she is not responsible for the way the supplier runs their business and the agreements they make directly with their staff. Kim has never paid a supplier for her services and hopes that the issue between these workers and the seller who hired them can be quickly resolved amicably. “


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