Kim Jong-un bans mules and skinny jeans in North Korea – fr

Kim Jong-un bans mules and skinny jeans in North Korea – fr

There is no “back party” on Kim Jong-un’s watch.

The North Korean dictator has banned mules and skinny jeans in an attempt to cut “decadent” Western fashion trends, according to a report.

The tubby bully has only approved 15 official “non-socialist” haircuts – and the long back look isn’t up to par, according to the Daily Express.

He also ordered a bizarre crackdown on ripped jeans, slogan T-shirts and nose and lip piercings, according to the outlet, which quoted North Korean newspaper The Rondong Sinmun.

The Hermit King, it seems, fears that “exotic” American-style cultural trends may influence young people and ultimately lead to his loss of power.

“We must beware of any sign of the capitalist lifestyle and strive to get rid of it,” Kim wrote in a recent article for Rondong Sinmun.

“History teaches us a crucial lesson that a country can become vulnerable and ultimately collapse like a wet wall regardless of its economic and defensive strength if we don’t cling to our own way of life.”

The banned fashion comes amid a slew of new laws in North Korea, including a crackdown on South Korean K-pop groups, to stop influence from foreign countries.


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