Kenny Omega on Will Ospreay Carrying His Legacy to NJPW –

Kenny Omega on Will Ospreay Carrying His Legacy to NJPW – fr

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the AEW World Champion recalled his last conversation with Jay White and Will Ospreay before leaving NJPW for AEW.

“Before I left New Japan, I dismissed Ospreay and Jay White,” Omega said. “I don’t even know if I should tell this story, but I will. I said to both, ‘This business, at least the westward expansion and the pride of foreigners, it’s all in your hands. They’re going to look to you to wear this thing, so you’ve got to. I told Jay and Ospreay knowing it was a likely scenario, but also hoping to start a fire under each of them.

Omega felt the conversation started a fire under Ospreay, who underwent a physical transformation and made a “complete career change.”

“For Ospreay, he really won,” Omega admitted. “He made a complete career change and he was going to be a fantastic champion. He made changes in his body, he made changes in his style, his look, his behavior. He became the person he needed to be the champion of this business. Unfortunately, becoming a champion was not enough for him. He tried to fill my shoes.

Omega then shot Ospreay, who was recently forced to quit the IWGP world heavyweight title due to a neck injury.

“Physically, even though he’s one of the most gifted performers to ever set foot in the ring, there’s only one Kenny Omega and you can’t fill those shoes. So now her belt is vacant, so maybe it was always meant to be my belt and my belt alone. It’s not me making a strong statement as to whether I’m going to do a business there, just that there’s no one there who can fill my shoes or override my heritage.

The AEW star added, “When Ospreay comes back he will have to re-analyze who he is and who he is supposed to be because he’s not supposed to be me. “

Omega to defend AEW World Title against PAC and Orange Cassidy at AEW on Sunday Double or nothing pay per view. Wrestling Inc. will have live coverage of the event. The complete file is available on this link.


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