Kelowna’s unemployment rate climbs almost a percentage point – Kelowna News – fr

Kelowna’s unemployment rate climbs almost a percentage point – Kelowna News – fr

Unemployment in the central Okanagan rose in April along with the rest of the country, likely due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions that have shut down many businesses.

The percentage of unemployed in the Kelowna metropolitan area fell from 5% in March to 5.7% last month.

Kelowna still has the fifth lowest unemployment rate in Canada and the second lowest in British Columbia, behind only Abbotsford-Mission. Kelowna had the second lowest rate in the country in March.

The percentage of people employed or looking for work in the central Okanagan fell from 63% to 62.5% last month, but the number of people employed fell by a full percentage point, from 59.9% to 58.9%. There were 109,300 people employed in March, but that figure fell to 107,6,000 last month.

The unemployment rate in the Thompson Okanagan area also rose in April, from 7.3% to 8.1%.

Overall, Canada lost 207,000 jobs last month and its unemployment rate fell from 7.5% in March to 8.1% in April.

April’s losses nearly wiped out the 303,000 jobs created in March when the economy exceeded expectations and placed the country about 503,100 jobs, or 2.6% below pre-pandemic levels.

More losses were recorded in full-time work than in part-time work, the figures being 129,000 and 78,000 respectively, with the retail sector and young workers being the hardest hit.

Total hours worked fell 2.7%, which TD Senior Economist Sri Thanabalasingam said could indicate a reversal of the overall economic recovery in April.

– with files from The Canadian Press


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