Katie Price to legally change her name for the first time after her marriage to Carl Woods – fr

Katie Price to legally change her name for the first time after her marriage to Carl Woods – fr

It was a whirlwind romance for Katie Price and Carl Woods, who started dating last July. Shortly after their eyes met at Essex hotspot, Sheesh, they had moved in together. And now that they’re engaged, we’re catching up on their exciting news.
We met the happy couple at the Braxted Park Estate, an event venue located in 500 acres of parkland in Essex.

“I knew when I first met her I was going to propose to her, it was just trying to do it right,” Carl said. And Katie, 42, adds: “I knew he was going to do it but I didn’t. know when. He knew I was going to say yes. ”

Carl, 32, a businessman and entrepreneur, got down on his knees after asking for their blessings from Katie’s mother, Amy Price, 69, and her father Ray Infield, 70. He also cleared it up with his 15-year-old son Junior, who sat him down for a man-to-man conversation!

Reality star and model Katie, who is also the mother of Harvey, 18, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, says even the kids agree this time around is different .

“This is the first and last time the ring hasn’t come off my finger,” Katie said, showing us her huge sparkler.

Here, Katie and Carl share her romantic proposal and their plans for the big day.

Katie Price opened up about her wedding plans

Congratulations! Can you tell us all about the proposal?

Carl: I had the whole house outfitted with balloons and flowers, and a big sign inside that said “Mrs. Woods”. So I assumed she was going to say yes!

Then there was a marquee in the garden with lots of flowers and candles. I had a sign that said, “Dolly [Carl’s pet name for Katie], would you marry me?

Were you surprised, Katie?

Katie: Yeah. We had talked about it a lot, so I knew he was going to do it, I just didn’t know when. It was unbelievable. Carl asked my mom and dad for permission – and Junior!

Carl: Junior spoke to me, like he was my father! He asked me if I was sure. He gave me all the pros and cons of his mother, which I didn’t know, and said, “If you’re happy, then I’m happy because I want you to be part of our family. ” I asked Katie’s dad and he said “100%”. And his mother was the same.

Were there any tears?

Carl: No. Katie isn’t crying. She was just shocked.

Katie: I was so shocked! The ring almost blinded me.

Were you nervous, Carl?

Carl: I didn’t think I was and when it actually happened I got really nervous. I was calm and cool and then as it was, that’s when I fucked myself up. But I knew the ring would speak.

Katie and Carl hope to marry later this year

Tell us about the ring …

Carl: The ring had to be perfect. Rankins Jewelers in East London was recommended to me. I knew what Katie was up to and added my own touches to it. Like Katie, it’s a unique piece, really beautiful. I knew when I went to pick him up it was more than special – it left Katie speechless! The ring measures just under seven carats.

Katie: When I saw the ring, I couldn’t believe it. I always looked at the rings on Pinterest. He was definitely looking for ideas on my Pinterest. Carl, have you looked at my Pinterest?

Carl: Yeah, sure. I wanted to get something you like.

Katie: I knew he would. And I didn’t have to buy my own ring this time! It’s like a fairytale and massive ring. It’s like something that comes out of Hollywood. This is more than I could dream of.

How much did the ring cost?

Carl: It’s expensive, let’s put it that way.

Katie: I know Carl gets bored of girls quickly. I obviously passed the tests and now I have a ring.

The couple started dating last summer and are already preparing to head to the aisle

What will make this marriage different, Katie?

Katie: My head is in the right place. Not only am I head over heels in love, but my kids approve of it and my family approves of it. It is not a rash decision. And the best thing about Carl is that he doesn’t need me for anything and I don’t need him for anything.

It’s refreshing to be with a man that if I decided I never wanted to work again, he would take care of me.

What would you say to people who say you’ve said this before?

Katie: People can say whatever they want. Carl met me like the person I was 10 years ago. I feel fresh. Everything is completely different. Carl is my future. My kids said they don’t want to meet someone else unless it’s real, The One – period. And Carl is it!

Carl Woods gets along well with Katie Price's children, including the two eldest Junior and Princess
Carl gets along well with Katie’s children, including the two oldest children Junior and Princess

Have you ever thought about plans for the wedding?

Carl: We have a few ideas – we’re on the same page.

Katie: Yeah, we have a lot of options and ideas. In other words, the wedding I want, if you’ve googled it, no one has ever done it before. I want Carl to concentrate as much as I do, it’s his special day too. No wall-to-wall celebrity faces. It will be about us, Carl and our family, uniting us.

Carl: Great food, lots of laughs – fun, first class entertainment. Expect the unexpected. It will certainly be an unforgettable day. It will be about our love for each other and sharing it with our near and dear ones.

Katie: 2021, the new normal / traditional step with a Mr and Mrs Woods twist! The wedding rings will be designed by Jodie and Daisy Rankin.

I wish Carl had diamonds in his.

When would you like to get married?

Katie: We really want to do it this year.

Katie, it’s your mother’s illness [Amy has a chronic lung disease] an incentive for you to get married?

Katie: Yeah, I want my mom to be well enough to be able to attend the wedding.

Do you get along with Carl’s family?

Katie: Yeah. Family is important to Carl. If I didn’t get along with his family, it wouldn’t be possible for him to be with me.

You broke your feet on vacation last year. Are you worried that your injuries could affect your big day?

Katie: I won’t be in heels. I’m going to have to wear sneakers – but I’m going to make sure they’re glamorous.

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Do you still use a walker?

Katie: I’ve been using crutches, a Zimmer frame, and hanging on to Carl for a few days.

Does that worry you when it comes to walking down the aisle?

Katie: Who said I would walk down the aisle? I do not reveal anything but it will be an entry and a half!

Do you invite your ex-husbands?

Katie: No. They’re exes for a reason.

Are you going to change your name to Katie Woods once you get married?

Katie: Yeah. I never changed my last name for anyone – but I’m going to change it legally and be known as Katie Woods. I’m proud of it. It’s gonna be a new me and a new era.

You have admitted that you are trying to have a baby. Is it still on the cards?

Katie: It’s pretty obvious we’re having a baby. We will stop there.

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You recently said that you have always had a hard time trusting men. Did it take you a long time to open up to Carl?

Katie: At the start of our relationship, I broke my feet and couldn’t walk. So it was my knight in shining armor. He literally proved that he was going to be there for sickness and health before we even said, “I want it.”

Finally, we see that you have been confirmed for the next series of Celebrity MasterChef…

Katie: I am not allowed to reveal secrets but, to put it that way, I do better than just OK!


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