Jurgen Klopp smokes what Roberto Firmino has done as Liverpool defender gets a makeover – fr

Jurgen Klopp smokes what Roberto Firmino has done as Liverpool defender gets a makeover – fr

The pursuit of Liverpool’s top four continues after a 2-0 win over Southampton on Saturday night.
The goals of Sadio Mane and Thiago Alcantara were enough to earn the hard-fought points against the Saints.

The victory puts the Reds in sixth place in the Premier League and less than half a dozen points behind Leicester in fourth place, with one game to go.

But you knew all of this, of course.

What you might have missed, however, was a series of interesting subplots at Anfield on Saturday night.

Firmino risks anger

Roberto Firmino’s sigh of relief was likely to have been audible in the later stages.

As Liverpool desperately sought to hold onto their lead, the No.9’s attempt to play Sadio Mane with an elaborate back heel fell flat.

Rather than keeping the ball with a simpler pass, the Brazilian’s turn saw him lose the ball and put Southampton on the counterattack.

To say that Jurgen Klopp wasn’t the happiest would be an understatement.

” POLICE OFFICER! The Liverpool manager’s voice echoed around an empty Anfield for everyone to hear.

Firmino’s mistake would not go unpunished, luckily for him.

After all, Klopp is a manager you probably wouldn’t want to disappoint.

The fans are coming back

The victory over Southampton was hopefully the last game in an empty Anfield.

As many as 10,000 are expected to be in attendance when Crystal Palace next come home on May 23 for Liverpool.

And the club have already planned for their eventual return, removing the seat covers in anticipation of their return.

It will be the biggest crowd at Anfield since mid-March 2020 and a day many have been looking forward to for a long time.

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The removal of the covers was a subtle message, but one that hints at brighter days inside the famous old stadium.

May 23, whatever the outcome, promises to be memorable for those lucky enough to be there.

Williams’ new look

It had been more than two months since Rhys Williams had started at Liverpool.

The 1-0 loss to Fulham on March 7 appeared to be the last nail in the coffin of the Reds’ top four prospects.

Since then, Liverpool have rallied to the point where they are still looking for fourth place as the campaign shrinks to the last two weeks.

Williams was back in the Liverpool squad on Saturday night, delivering a confident performance alongside Nat Phillips.

And the young defender sported a new haircut to go with it.

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Gone are the high-end styling Williams sported this season, replaced with a shorter cut that helped him look more imposing to opposition forwards.

Williams, to the naked eye at least, also appeared to have grown since his last appearance and had a more muscular figure in the back.

Perhaps brought on by long hours in the AXA Center gym, Williams and his new mount look set to build on his excellent campaign going forward.

Not a boy anymore, Williams, now at the age of 20, has grown into a man at Anfield this season.


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