Jurgen Klopp admits Champions League desperation as Liverpool prepare transfer options – fr

Jurgen Klopp admits Champions League desperation as Liverpool prepare transfer options – fr

Jurgen Klopp will exploit the desperation of his Liverpool players to help secure Champions League qualification – but is set to miss the competition.
The Reds have given themselves a chance to reclaim a top-four spot on a tough campaign with a seven-game unbeaten streak in the Premier League.

The 19-time champions will almost certainly seal the Champions League qualification by winning their last three games, starting with the relegation of West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.

And Klopp explained his side’s desire to retain their place at the European top table while reiterating that an emergency transfer plan is in place if the Reds fail in the next eight days.

“The season always has an impact on next season, that’s clear – in terms of money or success,” said the Reds boss.

“We try to be prepared for almost anything, from a scouting standpoint or from a training standpoint. We have always said it.

“This season has had so many turns and ups and downs, we shouldn’t act like (a top four spot) is going to happen.

“But it’s important, it’s clear. For the players it is even more important from the point of view of the joy, they desperately want to play the Champions League. We have to use that.

“We won’t stop playing if we don’t qualify, and we won’t buy eight players if we qualify. It is not the difference.

“We have to do some serious stuff and we’ll see how it works. Then we will play the new season. “

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Klopp added: “I’ve been in for six years, and the first year we didn’t have the chance to qualify for the Champions League. But from there we still qualified and that was always the main goal.

“That says something – it shows it’s really important for the club. “

Klopp reiterated his belief that Liverpool would have deserved to miss out on the Champions League if they fail to finish in the top four.

And asked if the competition would be poorer without his team’s participation, the Reds boss added: “Sure, but I don’t think they’ll give us a wild card for that!”

“Some other good teams are not so present yet – imagine a Champions League without Juventus.

“You have to earn it. If you’re not one of them, you haven’t. “


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