Jupiter’s Legacy Filming Locations Are All Over Toronto and Ontario – fr

Jupiter’s Legacy Filming Locations Are All Over Toronto and Ontario – fr

One of Netflix Canada’s newest and most popular shows, Jupiter’s legacy, is a complex and dramatic superhero show that has become the world’s No. 1 show on Netflix on Sunday, May 9.
If you’ve been on the show and wondering where Jupiter’s legacy the filming locations were, so wonder no more – the show is packed with landmarks from Toronto and Ontario and here are some of the most notable examples.

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Rebel nightclub

Actress Aiza Ntibarikure, who plays Sierra (or Ectoplex) on Jupiter’s legacy, told Narcity that the club scene in Episode 4 – which almost ends in a fight between Sierra and Chloe – was actually filmed at Rebel, Polson Pier’s gigantic nightclub. With lots of neon colors and strobe lights, the interior looks a lot like what you would expect to find at a Toronto nightclub (minus the superheroes, though).

Old town hall

This one is an easy place for anyone who knows Toronto well! When The Utopian, Lady Liberty, and Brainwave confront a mob of angry protesters at the start of episode two, they stand on the steps of the Old City Hall in downtown Toronto, in an effort to play the role. from the headquarters of the Union Of Justice.

Millbrook, Ontario

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According to a filming notice issued by the town of Millbrook, Ontario (just outside of Peterborough), the town’s main road, King Street, was closed for several days in August 2019 to serve as a Kansas village. in Jupiter’s legacy. You can find the city featured in episode four, according to TheCinemaholic.com.

12, chemin Winton, Toronto, ON.

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This 10,000 square foot house is used as Chloe’s apartment throughout the show, but in reality, it’s an ultra-modern mansion in Hoggs Hollow, Toronto. The house is no longer on the market, but it was selling for $ 10 million – the kind of price that suits a superhero.

Adelaide Street

Another downtown film location! According to Filming in Toronto On Twitter, Adelaide Street was picked up in July 2019 to film scenes with Josh Duhamel (The Utopian) and Andrew Horton (Paragon) as well. You can see the same bullet-riddled police car and the same overturned truck on Adelaide Street in the first episode.

George Street Dinner

George Street Diner, an old-fashioned restaurant in downtown Toronto, serves as the hangout for Josh Duhamel (The Utopian) and Ian Quinlan (Hutch) in episode five according to AtlasOfWonders.com. Attentive viewers might even be able to spot the cursive logo hidden behind the blinds drawn on the show.

Canada Permanent Trust Building

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According to AtlasOfWonders, the exterior of the Sampson Steel building in Jupiter’s legacy is the Canada Permanent Trust Building on Bay Street in Toronto. So it’s a suitable place to film the stock market crash, given that there are also a lot of stressed-out bankers walking around in real life.

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