Joshua Fabia trains Diego Sanchez in a weird way – fr

Joshua Fabia trains Diego Sanchez in a weird way – fr

“Batsh * t crazy,” is how UFC President Dana White described Diego Sanchez’s coach and manager Joshua Fabia. And you know what? It is difficult to say otherwise.
Another proof of this is a training video starring Fabia and Sanchez, which surfaced on Friday, and let’s just say it’s weird as hell. Take a look at these screenshots before watching:

Sanchez meditates

Sanchez is still meditating

He stretches with Fabia upside down

Still upside down, Fabia hits him with a stick

And then use Sanchez’s head like a bag of speed

And then kick him backwards. What?

After that Sanchez is blindfolded

Fabia whips her a black belt


Watch the full video below:

Sanchez was unceremoniously released from the UFC last week after Fabia asked for his fighter’s full medical history for promotion, which raised red flags for UFC director of business Hunter Campbell. Since then, Fabia and Sanchez have made damning claims against White and the UFC.

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