John Scott blames NHL and Parros for failing to suspend Tom Wilson – fr

John Scott blames NHL and Parros for failing to suspend Tom Wilson – fr

Count former NHL cop John Scott among those baffled by the relative lack of additional discipline given to Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson for his role in a skirmish involving the New York Rangers on Monday night.
Wilson was fined up to $ 5,000 on Tuesday for abusing Pavel Buchnevich, but there was no question of him aggressively throwing Artemi Panarin, whose helmet had been knocked over, onto the ice moments later. .

Rangers have confirmed that Panarin will miss the remainder of the regular season due to the incident.

“I just finished making a great video talking about Tom Wilson, what his suspension should be like, how it was a sassy move on his part to throw Panarin and punch Buchnevich in the face while he was on the ground in a prone position, just fearless and terrible hockey, ”Scott said in a video posted to social media. “I was saying how much I respected Tom Wilson. He plays the game the way I like it to be played (but) I think he crossed a line this time and then I get the news that he is fined $ 5,000?

“What the hell is going on with the NHL right now?”

The Rangers also expressed disappointment with the league’s decision, with forward Ryan Strome calling it “a joke” and coach David Quinn saying there “was a lot to be suspended.”

Scott went on to criticize George Parros, a former on-ice rival and current head of the NHL’s player safety department, for the decision not to suspend Wilson.

“It was a joke about a fine,” Scott said. “What Tom did, there is no excuse for it. It’s crazy to me that he only got a fine of $ 5,000. He’s a repeat offender, he did this time and time out. I don’t know if George has some kind of dog in this race he wants Washington to win the Cup or honestly I don’t know. I have no words for it.

Scott and Parros have faced each other three times during their respective careers, once in 2009 and twice in February 2013.

“What that means is it’s fair play, babe, in any scrum,” the 2016 NHL All-Star MVP added ironically. “If you get into a scrum anywhere on the ice and you see a star player, I throw punches, I grab this guy, I twist my ankles, I do whatever I can because the Worst Thing Happens It will happen to me with a fine of $ 5,000 because I don’t see anyone doing more than what Tom Wilson did at Panarin. Honestly. I feel bad for Panarin. The guy walks in to help his teammate just to calm things down and Wilson jumps onto his back.

“Shame on you NHL you should have done something to protect Panarin and then shame Wilson. You have to know better.


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