John Davis, voice behind Milli Vanilli, dies at 66 –

John Davis, voice behind Milli Vanilli, dies at 66 – fr

“The truth is, I signed a contract with Frank Farian before I even knew who Milli Vanilli was,” Davis said. “One night I was sitting at home watching my TV and saw Fab singing ‘Girl I’m Gonna Miss You’.”

Milli Vanilli was best known for hits like “I’m Gonna Miss You” and “Girl You Know It’s True”, and won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1989.

By 1990, Milli Vanilli’s work had sold over seven million copies, but after Mr. Morvan and Mr. Pilatus admitted that they had not actually performed on Milli Vanilli’s albums or during concerts, they were forfeited of the prize.

Mr Morvan and Mr Pilatus then told the Los Angeles Times that they wanted to present the award to those who actually expressed their work, including Mr Davis, Brad Howell and Charles Shaw.

“I didn’t want the Grammy because it was their faces and our voices,” Davis said. “I was crazy. “

Mr. Pilatus died in 1998, but Mr. Davis and Mr. Morvan subsequently had a friendly relationship and even played together.


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