John Boyega praises Marvel Studios for raising various characters – fr

John Boyega praises Marvel Studios for raising various characters – fr

Star wars Actor John Boyega has praised Marvel Studios as they elevate some of their various characters. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier brought Sam Wilson in the legendary moniker and the Sequel Trilogy star was happy to see it. He appeared on NPR’s Fresh air to talk about his career and the perception of some of these characters. Finn featured in numerous Star Wars promotional materials when the force awakens has been revealed to the world. However, some fans and the actor himself believed he had a diminishing role as the trilogy continued. Well, Boyega is happy to see the same thing not going like this at Marvel Studios. He explained his position to Ira Glass.

“The characters are only as good as the moments you give them,” Boyega began. “When we talk about, you know, Captain America and him sort of facing Thanos and his army, when you talk about these moments that are given to characters, it’s only because those moments are written by someone. . These moments are put in there on purpose to uplift the characters. “

“We have people now watching Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and a lot of people have commented on Falcon’s character rise – haven’t they? – in the show and how they really did well in raising it, which I also agree, “he continued.” You know, and we can see that there is – it’s because that you give the characters those special moments, you know. But what happens next when, you know, certain moments make you feel like you’re bypassed and it goes on for years and years and things just pile up? “

In some previous comments, Anthony Mackie has explained his character’s struggle to come to terms with the mantle of Captain America.

“Well, because the shield belongs to Steve, and you know Sam got into that because of his relationship with Steve.” Sam wasn’t standing backstage, hoping and waiting to be Captain America, ”Mackie explained. “The goal and the idea was to save the world with Steve. So if he’s Cap, that means Steve isn’t with him anymore, ”Mackie added. “So that takes away the fun. You know, the idea of ​​being a superhero and being Captain America as a black man, portraying a symbol that for 500 years has literally enslaved, oppressed and persecuted you is a hard reality to try. to master. “

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