John Barrowman faces Dancing On Ice ax after allegations of inappropriate behavior –

John Barrowman faces Dancing On Ice ax after allegations of inappropriate behavior – fr

John Barrowman faces the Dancing On Ice ax after allegations of inappropriate behavior.
The judge, who joined the hit ITV show last year, explained claims he exposed himself on the BBC’s Doctor Who and the Torchwood spin-off as “troubles” and argued that it had never been sexual.

But ITV bosses are concerned about the reputation of the flawless family show.

A source told The Sun: “Since the allegations against John came to light there have been discussions about his future on the Dancing On Ice panel.

“But the feeling now is that there’s no way to invite him again. ITV has shown that they are ready to act decisively when stars are accused of inappropriate behavior. And it looks like this situation will be no exception. “

According to The Guardian, a number of people on the set of both BBC shows claim to have seen the actor exposed himself.

One of the women who spoke to The Guardian reportedly said, “He would remove his genitals regularly. “

Witnesses who have come forward have also argued that Capt Jack Harkness’s character appears to be playing “inappropriate pranks” rather than predators.

Barrowman said his “spirited demeanor” was “only intended, in good humor, to entertain his colleagues on set and behind the scenes.”

He continued, “Looking back, I understand that my rambunctious behavior may have been upset and I have apologized previously.

“Since my apology in November 2008, my understanding and behavior have also changed. “

He had previously apologized after an appearance on BBC Radio One in 2008 which saw him expose himself live on air.

The allegations regarding Barrowman’s behavior followed a video surfaced online of Doctor Who co-stars Noel Clarke and Camille Coduri and Annette Badland appearing on a panel, Clarke discussing Barrowman exposing himself on set.

Clarke himself was recently accused of misconduct by 20 women following a report in The Guardian, but the actor vehemently denies the allegations.

In a statement, Clarke said he understood that “some of my actions have affected people in ways that I did not intend or realize” and said he was “deeply sorry” for these. people.

A statement from an ITV spokesperson here: “Any discussion regarding the 2022 series of Dancing on Ice is very premature. Production has not yet started. “


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