Joe Girardi and Jean Segura face off in the Phillies dugout – fr

Joe Girardi and Jean Segura face off in the Phillies dugout – fr

Manager Joe Girardi and second baseman Jean Segura clashed verbally in the Phillies dugout at the start of Sunday’s loss to the Blue Jays.
Segura erred with an out in the first inning after the Jays opened with back-to-back homers and a single out of Chase Anderson. On the game, Segura tried to get too cute and missed the ball. His momentum was heading towards first base and it looked like he was in a rush to start a 4-3-6 double play with Guerrero barely out of the bag at the start.

Both runners were safe, although the Phillies came out unscathed when Rowdy Tellez pulled off a double play.

When Girardi came out to take Anderson out of the game an inning later, Segura didn’t go to the mound with the rest of the Phillies’ infield. Shortly after, the show showed Segura yelling at Girardi in the dugout and being calmed down by third baseman Dusty Wathan.

It appeared to be Segura taking on criticism from his manager in front of his teammates. After the game, Girardi had no interest in relaying events and got a little nervous with reporters.

On Saturday night, Girardi expressed his frustration with his team’s lackluster defense after a game of three errors.

“Catch the ball. Catch the ball, ”he said. “That’s all we need to do. I do not know what it is. They work every day. They’re doing their business. It has to be that they just aren’t following the ball in their glove, poor communication. It shouldn’t happen at this level. “

Anderson gave up seven points and recorded four strikeouts. He has a 6.96 ERA in eight starts and may not be long for this rotation. He only managed five innings twice.

The Phillies quickly dug an 8-0 hole in another sloppy game before giving the go-ahead to home plate in the ninth inning of a 10-8 loss.

Brad Miller and Scott Kingery occupied the outside corners and both looked shaky as they came back on hard-hit balls towards the warning lane. Kingery injured himself by hitting the wall on the right and left the game feeling dizzy. This forced Bryce Harper, who did not start due to shoulder pain, to enter the game at the bottom of sixth. Harper didn’t look straight down the field or at the plate, gently throwing a ball in play towards the infield, squaring to decay throughout his first at bat and hitting to end the game.

The Phils were also without JT Realmuto (left hand) and Didi Gregorius (right elbow). Backup wide receiver Andrew Knapp was struck out just before game time with tension on his side. Rafael Marchan caught and the Phillies started the game with no players available on the bench.

Rookie Nick Maton had two home runs, the first two of his major league career. He hit .316 in 82 home plate appearances.

The Phillies left on Monday before entering a six-game home game against the Marlins and Red Sox.

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