Joe Exotic says he has prostate cancer – fr

Joe Exotic says he has prostate cancer – fr

Joe says his PSA level came back very high for prostate cancer. He seems to be saying that it is clear that he has prostate cancer because he says, “The prison has approved tests to check her condition.” It appears that no doctor has been diagnosed.

Joe’s lawyer, John M. Phillips, tells TMZ, Joe has to undergo more tests in prison, but the facility is limited in what he can do. Phillips tries to get Joe a new trial.

Joe says he’s riddled with disease… “I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight, the mouth sores are out of control, I’m throwing up more than I eat.” I don’t want anybody’s pity, what I need is when John Phillips gets the evidence he’s working on, I need the world to help him bring President Biden, Vice President Harris and the attorney general to listen to the evidence. “

He asks again for the elusive forgiveness so that he can return home and seek treatment.

Joe tried hard to get forgiveness from Asset, but when that failed he claimed he was “Too gay” never to receive forgiveness from him.


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