Jimmy Kimmel calls Ted Cruz “Trump’s Theon Greyjoy” –

Jimmy Kimmel calls Ted Cruz “Trump’s Theon Greyjoy” – fr

Jimmy Kimmel kept his quarrel with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spending the night after their spitting on Twitter – comparing him to neutered and regularly tortured Game of thrones character Theon Greyjoy.

“We were attacked last night. We were hit by yet another devastating strike by Ted Cruz on Twitter, ”the host joked as he opened on Tuesday. Jimmy Kimmel and direct! “Once again, I found myself in a feud with the Senate’s least preferred senator, Ted Cruz. And again, guess who started it?

“Me, I guess I started,” he admitted with a laugh.

In the Monday night episode, Kimmel called Cruz a “wet gelatinous tube worm whose elastic band pants are filled with a discharge of ink every time he speaks.” “

But the insults were only launched after Cruz took to Twitter to praise a Russian military recruiting ad, while also suggesting that the US armed forces are an “emasculated army.”

What I’ve emphasized enough, I thought, is funny from a guy who left Donald Trump uses his balls on the driving range, ”Kimmel snapped. “I mean, look, he was Trump’s Theon Greyjoy. “

While Kimmel has had the last laugh so far, Cruz struck a bit on a nerve during their online feud on Monday, as the senator reminded the late night host about their basketball game. -charity ball of 2018.

“Here’s a reminder, when we played one-on-one, I kicked him in the ass,” Cruz wrote. “He has to live with this… forever.”

Responding to Cruz’s tweets about the game, Kimmel admitted: He’s right. That is true. I have to live with this forever. “

“You have to live with Ted Cruz forever,” the host added. “Which is much worse.”

“After I won the match, do you remember what I did? I said, “Good game, thank you” and shook your disgusting hand. I didn’t complain that it was rigged, ”Kimmel continued, clearly acknowledging Cruz’s support for Trump despite the former president’s baseless denial of the 2020 election results.

“I didn’t ask for a recount on the referee. I didn’t start a basketball conspiracy theory that contained a microchip. I accepted it. I shamed my family and hugged them, as I always do. And, I mean, look, it was a terrible day. I lost a basketball game to a man who ate one of his own boogers during a presidential debate.

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