Jimmy Garoppolo is delighted to get Jalen Hurd back –

Jimmy Garoppolo is delighted to get Jalen Hurd back – fr

The 49ers have a small hole in their wide receiver depth chart and a number of candidates to fill it. One player in particular, 2019 third round pick Jalen Hurd, stands out as a favorite if he’s healthy enough to play. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in a radio interview on Wednesday expressed his excitement over Hurd’s potential return.
Hurd has not been in good health in one of his two professional seasons. A stress fracture in his back during the 2019 preseason sidelined him for the entire year. Then last season, he tore his ACL at the start of training camp and went to reserve for end-of-season injuries.

Garoppolo on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco told Damon, Ratto and Kolsky that Hurd has developed well and is excited to bring him onto the pitch.

“Jay has come a long way. He’s really on his way to racing, developing his body and becoming a pro, ”Garoppolo said. “I mean, the guy is doing it the right way. I’m dying to get him out right now, I really am. He’s a physical monster, just the things he can do on his way while running, with the ball in his hands, it’s very impressive. So, I hope we can expose them and bring it out as soon as possible. “

Hurd was drafted as a wide receiver after playing the position for a year at Baylor University. Previously, he was a running back for three years at the University of Tennessee. His double threat skills put an extremely high cap on him, although he wondered if he would be able to play catcher at the professional level.

It appears from Garoppolo’s comments that he has performed well despite his injury issues.

With the exit of Kendrick Bourne in free agency, the 49ers have a void at the # 3 WR spot on the roster. Hurd’s combination of size and speed could make him an effective substitute as long as he’s able to stay on the pitch. If he’s available, it could quickly become clear why Garoppolo was so excited to get him back.


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