Jessica Alba ‘Cried’ When Her Daughter Came into Sex with Her Husband – fr

Jessica Alba ‘Cried’ When Her Daughter Came into Sex with Her Husband – fr

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Jessica Alba sobbed when her youngest daughter accidentally bumped into the actress in the process of becoming intimate with her husband Cash Warren.

The Sin City star was horrified after Haven once failed to knock on the couple’s bedroom door and caught mum and dad in the throes of passion.

Recalling the awkward moment on Alba’s Getting Honest YouTube show, film producer Warren said, “It was the worst. We like, spent five minutes in our room laughing. And say, “I can’t believe we just ruined our daughter, we just ruined her. “

However, the actress’ laughter quickly turned to tears as she “started to cry,” and immediately reached out to her sister-in-law for advice on how to handle the uncomfortable conversation with the now-new Haven. years.

“I called Koa. She is so good at helping us overcome challenges, I feel like she has such a kind and gentle soul, ”said Alba.

Warren ended up sitting Haven down to discuss the incident, only to find out that the kid had already shared everything with his Aunt Koa.

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“(I remember thinking), ‘We just have to own this one. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen, ”he explained.

“I think by the time we called Koa, Haven had already texted him,” Alba added. “She walked in straight in and told everyone.

Laughing at the memory, Warren continued, “I went downstairs and said, ‘Haven, I bet this is the last time you walk into our room without knocking.’ Now she knocks, it’s like she learned her lesson.

Alba and Warren, who married in 2008, are also parents to daughter Honor, 12, and son Hayes, three.


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