Jerry Lawler Clarifies Comments on WWE Vaccination Policy, Says He Had COVID-19 Earlier This Year –

Jerry Lawler Clarifies Comments on WWE Vaccination Policy, Says He Had COVID-19 Earlier This Year – fr

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Jerry Lawler Commentary on WWE’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Jerry Lawler posted a photo of himself getting his COVID-19 shot on Friday with a comment saying WWE was telling ‘everyone’ that they needed to be fully vaccinated before the next pay-per. -view in June.

The post (which has since been deleted) garnered a lot of attention, and Lawler later clarified his remarks and stated that the vaccination is not actually required by the company. Lawler then went on to explain how things were handled and also revealed that he had not been vaccinated before that because he had already had COVID-19 this year and did not think the vaccination was necessary.

Let me first comment on some of the comments after my tweet. WWE has the same covid policy as MLB. If you are fully immunized, you are good to go. Otherwise, you should always wear a mask during the event and be tested before an event.

Some people wonder why I waited so long to get the vaccine. This is because I already had a covid around the 1st of the year, I had antibodies and I didn’t feel the need for them.

It should be noted that this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter also mentioned some details regarding WWE’s COVID vaccination requirements, claiming that WWE does not require vaccinations for employees in corporate offices.

According to the report, a recent mandatory employee meeting this week confirmed that everyone will be invited to return to WWE offices on July 6, and those who do not get vaccinated will be asked to wear a mask. For about a year, WWE employees have been allowed to work from home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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