Jazz bans three fans who made racists and obscene comments to Ja Morant’s father –

Jazz bans three fans who made racists and obscene comments to Ja Morant’s father – fr

Ja Morant’s father Tee Morant was subjected to vulgar and racist comments in Game 2 of the First Round Playoffs between the Memphis Grizzlies and Utah Jazz.

“I know the heckling,” Tee Morant said in a telephone interview with ESPN Thursday night. “We did that the whole game. But it’s different from heckling. It is downright disrespectful. It was too far from the line. You don’t say anything about this heckling. It’s beyond heckling. “

Ja Morant, in a tweet published later Thursday, agreed with Utah’s decision to ban fans, writing: “My family should be able to [to] Well done for me and my teammates without being told inappropriate things.

Morant went on to write that his family told him that they “felt the love of all the other jazz fans around them” and that it was only the three fans who “went too far.”

Tee Morant said a fan made a sexually explicit remark to his wife, Jamie.

According to Tee Morant, another Jazz fan told him, “I’m going to put a dime on your back and watch you dance, boy. “

Several other Jazz fans confronted this fan and alerted security.

“The Utah Jazz have zero tolerance for offensive or disruptive behavior,” the Jazz said in a statement Thursday. “There was an incident last night involving a verbal altercation during Game 2. Arena security personnel responded, and the investigation resulted in the removal and indefinite ban of three Jazz fans.

“We apologize to all who have been affected by this unfortunate incident and condemn the unacceptable behavior of the fans. “


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